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"A special 'thank you' and 'I'll miss you' to 
Celia Pinson Iskandar, who died so young yet contributed so much as a young writer."

Excerpt from Acknowledgments page by Kathy Henderson,
Author of The Young Writer's Guide to Getting Published
Featuring Celia 
as the Sixth Edition's (2001)
"Special Celebrity Guest Young Writer"
(the last "SCGYW" featured was Stephen King)



Celia Pinson Iskandar
Young Writer
1974 - 1998

to view a 3-minute "Memory Video" of Celia presenting a writing presentation iat age 13 (includes inserts of her singing a solo in a school musical of  Cinderella at age 10. She  sang several solos, as Miss Hannigan, in Savannah Theater's production of Annie in the summer of 1994.) 


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Portrait of Celia by Savannah artist Lee Forbes
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